There are a few things you can rest assured of. Birds will fly, the sun will rise tomorrow morning and the Bold Marine Western Province GTi Challenge will thrill throughout the coming Killarney race season, starting Saturday 20 February.

And with all the angst of waiting for the action to start building up through the off-season, drivers and fans can be sure of more almighty battles from among the most spectacular, most affordable and coolest racing championships in South Africa where all cars are Volkswagen products racing in three of the fairest, most evenly matched and inexpensive classes in the sport.

To that end, expect another epic battle up front to as reigning Class A champion Marco Busi (Automan/Top Watch Jetta) begins his title defence against among the Cape’s most talented drivers — you can be sure that Jano van der Westhuizen (Kwikfix/Bessie Bester Motors Jetta), Mario Roux (Spratyeq Autobody Polo) and Pieter Kriel (Golf) will not give young Busi the time of day or an inch in their efforts to wrest that illustrious title this season.

Class B champion Zaki Hendricks will not have his new car ready to race this weekend, leaving his rivals to fight for glory in the middle of the GTi Challenge pack, so expect the likes of Polo Classic duo Peet van der Walt (PSW Sport), and Damien Lopez, Scotty Hayes (Jetta), Jacques Geldenhuys (Ferroli Golf 2) and Cash Cars duo Herman Lazarus and Eden Thompson, Eden Thompson and Wayne Field to fight it out in a gang Mark One Golfs.

If the Bold Marine GTi Challenge is a spectacle, it is fair to say that all the series stands for is condensed three of more fold into the Class C Golf Mk. 1 Brat Pack and with reigning double Class C champion Paul Simon out of town next weekend, his deadliest rivals will be rubbing their hands in anticipation of getting an early foot up in that title race.

Ebrahim Levy (Jive) is the man to watch having dominated the top step of the podium toward the end of 2015 before his Jive Golf Mk. 1 put in a spectacular showing in the year-end 9-hour endurance race, but there are several more than capable Class C pilots out to make Levy work double time for his Saturday spoils. Among those are Dewald Lubbe (Combustion Technology), Francois Erasmus (QTech/Modjets/GAP), Gert du Plessis (Cash Cars), Gideon Serfontein (Goeie Hoop Onderdele), young Dillon Joubert (Powder Coating World/TAC Steel) and Dillon Jeery (Lucan Racing), while young karting graduate Giordano Lupini’s progress in the Monroe Racing South Africa/AutoNews Golf Mk.1 will be watched with interest.

There is very little chance that the Bold Marine GTi Challenge will not deliver its usual brilliant racing at Killarney with full fields in all classes racing among a spectacular Wingfield Motors Powerseries programme on Saturday 20 February – why not make a day of it?

See you at Killarney!