Gugu Zulu, who sadly passed away while attempting to summit Kilimanjaro as part of a fund raising initiative organized by the Nelson Mandela Foundation, will be honoured at Red Star Raceway on Saturday, 30 July 2016 when the fifth round of the SuperGP Champions Trophy takes place.

Gugu, the “G” in GAS Sports, the promoters of the SuperGP championship, was intimately involved with the series since its inception in 2014. As was the case in so many areas of his life, Gugu was always on the lookout for way to give back to the community and becoming part of the team that promoted National Championship Motorcycling allowed him to give something back to the motorsport community he held so dear.

At Red Star on Saturday there will be a minute’s silence to allow both riders and spectators to remember Gugu prior to the performance of the national anthem. This will happen before the first SuperGP race which is scheduled to get underway at 12 noon.

During the lunch break, which takes place after the first SuperGP race, there will be a parade lap of honour around the circuit. This will be headed by Gugu’s rally car followed by the Johannesburg chapter of the Harley Owners Group. Competitors, and spectators with motorcycles, are invited to join in the parade.

One of the many charitable causes that Gugu was involved in was the Tin Run Tour. There are a number of NGOs that look after people, especially children, who have no other means of support and feeding those people is an expensive undertaking. The Tin Run Tour was established to help organizations in the area of the tracks that the SuperGP Champions Trophy visits to continue this work in these times of economic hardship.

Motorcyclists are known for their charitable works but, in this case, they get something in return for their generosity. Any spectator arriving at Red Star Raceway before 10h00 on Saturday morning will be granted free admission to the circuit in exchange for a tin of food.

GAS Sports are hoping that Saturday afternoon’s food handover will be the biggest ever in memory of Gugu Zulu.