Eugene Deneyssen made to work on British Formula 3 championship debut

Young South African Eugene Deneyssen will remember Easter 2016 as one of his most challenging race weekends yet as a Slippery Snetterton circuit in Norfolk, England made the Somerset West driver’s British Formula 4 championship debut quite a challenge.

And if the howling wind and driving rain were not enough, technical issues in the first race set the tone for a weekend best put down to experience.

Eugene’s qualifying was his first hurdle when he was one of six drivers to have his quickest time disallowed, so he lined up sixteenth for a wet and slippery Easter Sunday first heat, where he quickly made his way up to eleventh before problems struck. “I made a good start and made steady progress as I came to grips with driving the wet,” Eugene reported.

“But then the engine started to leak oil onto the tyres, which made it difficult on the wet and  then the car lost power towards the end of the race before it eventually went into limp mode. “Sill we managed to finish 14th and I was looking forward to Monday.” Deneyssen’s Sean Walkinshaw team replaced the troublesome engine overnight but Easter Monday dawned blustery and wet with the races delayed three times before finally starting late in the day.

“Monday really was tough — at a point we thought we would not even race but the wind and rain finally cleared up and we were able to get going very late in the day.” Deneyssen explained. The second race was the first dry session of the weekend, but Eugene fluffed his start and dropped to the back. “I recovered from that but it was very difficult to pass being so wet off the racing line and I made another small mistake and went off the track, so lost out there and ended up coming home a lap down.

“The third race was better, but it was just difficult to pass off line and it was my first time fighting with the other competitors and learning how to deal with all that. “All in all it was a pretty difficult weekend, some of the problems were not my doing and they put me in a difficult position in those conditions later in the weekend,” Eugene concluded.

“I can’t complain though — I learned so much this weekend so we can certainly put it all down to experience.” The second round of the British Formula 3 championship is in three weeks time at Brands Hatch: ”Summer’s coming so hopefully we can get some proper dry running in soon!”  Deneyssen concluded.

Issued by Motorsport Media on behalf of Eugene Deneyssen